Fire Systems Students are trained in accordance with NFPA 17A Standards to meet manufacturer's requirements.

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Questions you need to ask before selecting a Hood Cleaning School

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Get the training you need that will provide you the future you want !

!!!!! Every Business needs you !!!!!!

Pressure washing equipment and packages.
Finance your package and the cost of your training !

If you are currently cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods or looking for a Hood Cleaning School
for your new career, don't just settle for half the training you really need !

Fireman, LLC provides instruction in cleaning the kitchen exhaust hood systems
as well as the maintenance, service and repair of fire extinguishers and fixed fire systems.

By offering both services to your clients, you will increase your
profits, sales and give your company more stability.

Make a $1000.00 per day and more

Every Business is required by law to use these services

A service every business in your area has to have!

Do you want to be the one they pay for this service?

This business is required in every city in North America. 

We will set you up with your own home-based business in your home city. 

If you are a hard working person and are finally ready to own your own business

You have finally found the right Hood Cleaning School !

students students duct fan duct

One person, home based, repeat business with complete support and guidance to help you grow your business !

No employees*, fees, dues, rent or royalties! High profit margins.

Lifetime ongoing support. Limited industry competition.

*as you grow, you may decide you need employees, but you can run this business solo.

upblast fan

squirrel cage
  • Every commercial cooking establishment needs hood cleaning
  • Demand for the service is repetitive
  • Unlimited growth opportunity
  • No overhead (work from your home)
  • Set your own hours: Hire help as needed
  • No special skills, education or experience needed
  • You receive free counsel as needed
  • Low start up cost
  • We offer a lease program on equipment
hood system

We now offer complete business packages
for our Hood Cleaning School students !

Post Card Marketing Program to jump start your hood cleaning business !

Our program includes both exhaust hood cleaning
and fire extinguishers and fixed fire systems !

If you are looking for a Hood Cleaning School, you've found the right place !

We keep class size limited to four to ensure you get the quality training you deserve!

Call Today !

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Hood Cleaning Certification requires 70% passing grade on test