Fire Systems Students are trained in accordance with NFPA 17A Standards to meet manufacturer's requirements.

Fireman, LLC has invested a great deal of time and money to provide a training facility for you.

We have found several “schools” that simply take their students on the job site with them and “teach” them this business.

Why do we feel having a training facility is best for you ?

Our school offers all day training. This allows you to begin training right away, without having to wait until a restaurant closes at night to get started.

In the on the job situation mentioned above, you are limited to a few short hours each night. If the school you attend only offers on site cleaning, you may be rushed to get this “job” done and you will miss out on very important cleaning procedures. At our school, we can stop at anytime to go over any procedures you may have questions about, without having to rush to complete a “job”.

As with any business, if you know what you are doing, you can avoid the common mistakes
others make. Our school properly prepares you for what you will encounter on a job site.
The warning below is a classic example of what other schools don't prepare you for.

Warning !

Fire Systems are installed in the hood systems that you will be cleaning. Our school includes the training you will NEED to work around or maintain these systems. Many hood cleaners set these fire systems off because of lack of training. Most schools have no experience with these fire systems and cannot provide you with the necessary training you will need. If you set off a fire system, you will have to pay to have the fire system reset and clean up the mess. Some fire systems cost upwards of $1,200 to reset. The right training can save you from this costly mistake. As far as our research has revealed, we are the only school that teaches you how to disarm these fire systems as part of your hood cleaning training.

Questions you should asked before you pick which school you want to attend.
Followed by our answers to these questions.

Does your school offer a classroom setting?

Answer: We offer hands on training along with a sit down training facility

Do you offer videos and side presentation?

Answer: Yes, we offer both

Does your facility have a commercial kitchen set up with exhaust systems?

Answer: Yes, we have a commercial kitchen set up with two commercial exhaust hoods for your training.

Is it important to learn about fire extinguisher and fixed fire systems?

Answer: Yes, by offering both services you will increase your profits and give your company more stability.

Have you made any investment for my training such as on site workshops?

Answer: Yes, we have two shops set up for your training and we own a restaurant facility for fixed fire systems installations.

Can your instructors train me on how to disarm fire systems so I do not set them off during cleaning?

Answer: Yes, Even if your are just learning about hood cleaning we will train you how to work around fixed fire systems safely.

Do you hold any type of state license of any kind?

Answer: Yes, I hold a fire extinguisher license and a license in fixed fire systems for the State of Tennessee.

Have your instructors ever attended any professional training?

Answer: Yes, I have been to the following training seminars:

Ansul (Knoxville TN) Pyro Chem (Atlanta,GA) Range Guard (Houston,TX) Pro Tex (Bloomington,IN)

A question you should asked yourself...

Which Hood and Duct Cleaning School would be best for me?

Answer: If you are looking to make a career choice, you should consider getting the most education you can receive at the best value. Do not let our low price for our Hood Cleaning School fool you into thinking we are not the best school you can attend. Our facilities are located on property we own. This lowers the overhead so that we can offer this Hood Cleaning School at the best price. You're not helping us pay rent on a commercial facility. Please call and ask as many questions as needed for your reassurance. We are here for you.

Our Mission is to train you with the best possible schooling in all areas of hood cleaning and fire extinguishers and to provide you with personal one on one training so that you can obtain and service your own accounts. We do offer on site training at an operating restaurant if requested, however, because we can train you to clean hoods with on-site workin fans and hoods, you can learn at your own pace at our Hood Cleaning School.

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